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Akasaka Audit LLC/Akasaka International Accounting Co., Ltd./Akasaka Tax Corporation

About us

In purpose of delivering the integrated professional services in related to
the accounting and taxation matters,
we established Akasaka International Accounting Co., Ltd. in 2005.

Since then, in accordance with the expansion of our business fields,
we established Akasaka Audit LLC, and Akasaka Tax Corporation in 2008 and 2013 respectively.

We, the professional group consisting of certified public accountants (CPA) and
licensed tax accountants (LTA) who are well versed in the financing business practice,
have been building our careers in the fields of auditing, consulting, tax accounting and financial institutions for a long time.

Based on the extensive professional career, we will find the solution for the clients in terms of accounting,
taxation service and financing through the comprehensive support not only
from the accounting/taxation service perspective but also financial perspective as well.

Furthermore, we will endeavor to build the long-term relationship with our clients
as a best partner aiming to contribute to their business development.

Our Business Philosophy

Based on the foundation of our business philosophy being kept since the establishment,
we aim to provide prompt and high-quality services at a reasonable price,
which puts us beyond other competing audit corporations or accounting offices.